Saturday, 20 August 2011

Welcome to my kitchen

Welcome to CJ’s Tasty Bites...  Yes, I know, you’re probably wondering why it has taken me like... forever to realize that one doesn’t have to be a Michelin chef to prepare food that is ... scrumptious, affordable and innovative. Of course not! As long as you have a passion for food and you have the guts to let folks take a trip into your kitchen and then allow them to experience that energy shining through the not so perfect, imaginative recipes that you fall over your feet to try and create. Then my friend, welcome to my kitchen and my world.
My kitchen is the only place where I can try and play the magician or even make an attempt at painting a canvass. Believe me! This can only happen when I am allowed to conjure up a range of different fragrances, flavours, textures and tastes. I must confess though, that my own food tastes ranges from delicately baked sweet potato and char grilled “Snoek” to the eclectic Indian flavours of saffron-fragrant basmati rice topped with succulent spicy mutton cooked with almonds. What can I say:”It’s simply delicious!”
There is just one thing though, don’t believe that you have to be decked out in a tuxedo or a floor-length ball gown every single night just to sit down to an array of traditional or multi-sensory cooking styles. You can experience all these and more in the comfort of your own home. Why not come and break away on this journey with me as I discover an assortment of food techniques, do my damndest to explore new flavours, share exquisite, innovative recipes and now and then grab one or two of Grandma’s old recipes from her kitchen.
Just remember, I’m just an unpretentious house wife who loves baking and cooking food that I love to eat...But, when I’m really in the mood, I like to cook food that dazzles the crowd. So let’s get comfortable, grab a fork, slip on the table napkin and let’s eat!